Boeing 737 Flap Carriages “0” timed ship-set with New Bases

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of Boeing in-board-outboard flap carriages ship set US$ 150,000.00

We have entered into a contract with a major airline to replace its fleet’s existing base carriages with New ones to Zero time and comply with Boeing’s New AD/SB’s.

Affected P/N’s include 65-46481-xxx Please contact us for favourable prices and to overhaul your existing units.

HS-748 Orders to the Value US$ 200,000

Aerospace Support International is proud to secure orders to the value of US$ 200,000.00 from is valued overseas operators for the month of January, February & March.

Orders are to be supplied over a period of 3/6 months & Aerospace Support International is working hard to towards doubling this contract this year. .

We wish to thank our customers for their valued orders.


Aerospace Support International Secures orders for US$ 175,000.00.


Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), an Inner Cylinder for the Boeing 737 & ancillary spares for the HS-748 aircraft  to it’s airline and contractual government customer’s overseas.

Aerospace Support International holds many items for the Boeing aircraft at it’s UK warehouse including consumables.

Please contact us for all your commercial aircraft needs.