A320 Landing Gear Ship set sale US$ 400,000.00 +


Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of A320 Landing Gear ship set to is preferred airline customer in Asia. A320 shipset P/n’s consisted of Complete Main Landing Gears (LH & RH) P/N 201376001, P/N 201376002 & Leg assy NLG P/N D23175001-12.

It is a proud moment for our company. Please email us for your Landing gear needs A320 or Boeing series.

Engine Starter sale US$ 48,000.00

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of Airbus (A320) starter P/N 790425A6 for US$ 48,000.00 to a major civil airline  operator in the CIS region. Aerospace Support International is proud to announce further alliance with 2 other major national airlines in the CIS region making it to 18 operators so far.

Please contact us for all your Airbus & Boeing  requirements.

Window Sale US$ 62,000.00

Aerospace Support International is Happy to announce the sale of  Boeing  & PPG  Windows consisting of P/N 65-89355-87 , 141A4810-37, 141A4800-2 to its valued airline customers.

Aerospace Support International has keen prices on Newly manufactured & overhauled windows for Boeing & Airbus aircraft.

Please contact us with all your window requirements.

Boeing 737 Flap Carriages “0” timed ship-set with New Bases

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of Boeing in-board-outboard flap carriages ship set US$ 150,000.00

We have entered into a contract with a major airline to replace its fleet’s existing base carriages with New ones to Zero time and comply with Boeing’s New AD/SB’s.

Affected P/N’s include 65-46481-xxx Please contact us for favourable prices and to overhaul your existing units.

Aerospace Support International secures orders for Euro € 35,000.00 for LN 9169 Fibre Glass Cloth

Aerospace Support International secures orders for Euros €35,000.00 for the sale of 11, 500 meters of LN9169 Fibre Glass Cloth.

The most basic structural material in building a composite aircraft is glass cloth. Glass cloth is available commercially in hundreds of different weights, weaves, strengths and working properties.

There are two types of glass cloth,  bi-directional cloth and a uni-directional cloth  . Multiple layers of glass cloth are laminated together to form the aircraft structure. Each layer of cloth is called a “ply”.

Aerospace Support has access to extensive inventory of Fibre Galls cloth for aircraft use.

Please contact us for all your LN standard Fibre Glass Cloth.

Aerospace Support International opens its CIS branch office in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the opening of its CIS office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, headed by Mr Alexander Panasyuk

Mr Alexander Panasyuk has recently  been appointed the Director of it’s CIS division. Mr Panasyuk  is an MBA graduate in finance  from The International Academy of Business , Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Mr Panasyuk has been in sales for over 17 years and is fluent in Russian, English & local languages. He will be heading our CIS division & will be looking after its sales for our valued aviation customers within the CIS countries.

Our CIS office address and contact details are as follows  :-

Mr Alexander Panasyuk

Моб: +7 701 100 57 87
Skype: alexp_2000

Казахстан, Алматы 050012
ул. Досмухамедова, 89
Бизнес Центр «Каспийский»
офис 236

Black Box Flight Recorder

Aerospace Support International has sold several Flight recorders to its customers around the world. The most recent being in April 2014.

A flight recorder is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents & incidents. Commonly referred to as a Black Box , there are two common types of flight recorders, the flight data recorder commonly known in aviation as (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). In some cases, the two recorders may be combined in a single unit.

Flight recorders are required to be capable of surviving the conditions likely to be encountered in a severe aircraft accident. For this reason, they are typically specified to withstand an impact of 3400 g and temperatures of over 1000 °C.

Please contact us for all your Flight Recorder needs.