Special Pricing On All Honeywell Rotors, Linings & Brake Parts

Aerospace Support International in the UK is keen to inform our customer’s that we are currently in a position to offer  Airline Discount on all the below P/N’s

Honeywell brake accessory P/Ns:

  • Rotors P/N 2612555-XXX
  • Linings P/N 357XXX
  • Stators P/N 2612875 & associated P/Ns

With C-Checks on the horizon please send all your Honeywell requirements to Aerospace Support International for competitive pricing. In the last few months we have sold in excess of $350,000.00 on the above P/Ns. We look forward to receiving your RFQs.

Honeywell Rotors and Stators sale US$ 160,000.00

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce a bumper sale of Honeywell Rotors & Stators to its favoured airline customer based in the CIS country.

Honeywell Rotors & Stators consisting of P/N’s 2612555-700, 2612555-660, 2612555-620, 2612555-580 and P/N 2612875.

Aerospace Support International has extremely competitive pricing on Factory New Honeywell Rotors & associated brake parts.

Please do not hesitate to contact rachel@aerospaceintl.com for all your rotor needs.

ATR – Wheels & Brakes – Sale US$ 61,000.00

Aerospace Support International is delighted to inform the sale of
Brakes, MLG & NLG Wheels including Tyres.

P/N’s AHA1653, AHA1890 and AH54474 for the ATR aircraft.

We have recently signed a long term agreement with an airline operating ATR’s.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team Valeria at cs@aerospaceintl.com for all
your ATR and your tyre needs.

H2903 HS-748 Lamp Sale US$ 109,000.00

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the  sale of P/N H2903 lamps used on the Hawker Sidley  aircraft for US$ 109,000.00 to is valued customer.

We have been supporting spares for this aircraft for over 20 years. Please contact our sales department sales@aerospaceintl.com for all your HS-748 requirements.

Humidifier Pad P/N 411-213… Value US$ 65,000.00

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of Humidifier Pads P/n 411-213.. to its VIP airline client in the CIS country for a Total Value of US$ 65,000.00.

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce its signing of contracts with a further 3 major airlines within the CIS countries.

Boeing 737 Flap Carriages “0” timed ship-set with New Bases

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce the sale of Boeing in-board-outboard flap carriages ship set US$ 150,000.00

We have entered into a contract with a major airline to replace its fleet’s existing base carriages with New ones to Zero time and comply with Boeing’s New AD/SB’s.

Affected P/N’s include 65-46481-xxx Please contact us for favourable prices and to overhaul your existing units.

CIS office secures orders for US$ 100,000 in September 2015.

Aerospace Support International is proud to announce that it’s CIS branch office secures orders  to the value of US$ 100,000 for various Boeing spares including Top kit P/N 024314-000.

Aerospace Support International is in the verge of signing contracts with few other airlines based in the CIS countries.